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Product Designer. Developer. Writer. I invent things, I build things, I break things, then reinvent things. In between I drink coffee. Founder of Padron Watch Company.

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I designed the solid caseback as an homage to Minneapolis. It is modeled off of the ubiquitous "Snow Emergency Parking" sign next to designated curbs throughout the city. This is the first render study I did for what would become my best-selling model, the Padron Hennepin. In designing the Hennepin, I aspired to create a timepiece using the most seamless visual language. Surface features alone convey time divisions, and the dial and case are made to appear as one. The look of the crown and casewall was inspired by vintage camera lenses from the 1930's. This is a dimensionally accurate model of an original design manual-wind mechanical watch movement for Padron. The geartrain reflects a 21,800 bph rate with an expected 42 hour power reserve. The plates have a scalloped finish which is then plated with black rhodium. The click spring is heat treated to an orange hue while the screws are heat treated a deep blue color. This is the first render of the Padron Selby Automatic Watch. In designing the Selby I wished to convey jet-age optimism combined with modern sensibility. Wrist Watch Review once described it as "A DeLorean parked on your wrist." This was my first rendering study of the Padron Vuelta 17 Manual Wind after a series of cosmetic changes that I made to ruggedize the design. I was very pleased with the results. This was the final design that made it into production. This is a render of a more diminuative 38mm size for the Padron Hennepin. It's 100% compatible with the larger model and uses the same movement. The Padron Quadriga is my first tank-style dress watch. The finish is bead blasted 316L stainless with a unique photoetched dial face treatment. The hands are the same as the Padron Hennepin. This is a rendering study of case, band, and crown for the Padron Vibora. The Vibora's interior is designed to be compatible with the Vuelta, to allow both to share the same internals. The band is the same model I designed for the Padron Selby and Tessera. Render Study for an original design mechanical keyboard using new old stock keyswitches from the 1970s. I created a dimensionally accurate CAD model of an IBM Beamspring mechanism. IBM used these in their first generation data terminals. The Hennepin has been Padron's most sold watch. Every indice on the dial is a surface feature, with no printing other than the logo. Here is the model in silver and black. Here you see the Hennepin paired with an Ostrich band. I added ridges on the casewall for a visual and tactile accent. I designed the Hennepin during a blizzard. In Minnesota, the sides of certain curbs have a Snow Emergency sign to designate no parking zones during plowing. I took inspiration from one of those signs and designed the solid caseback in its image as an homage to the city of Minneapolis. The Hennepin came with a choice of quartz or automatic-wind movement. The latter has an exhibition back which showcases the 25 jewel mechanical movement with perlage finish. To me, the Vuelta remains my most understated and satisfying design. Its use of muted surface finishes help convey its purpose as a rugged casual watch. Close-up photo of the Padron Tessera X-Ray Edition. The X-Ray makes use of a fully skeletonized 25 Jewel Automatic-wind movement with a rhodium perlage finish and blued screws. The Black Dial Padron Silver Selby has been a brisk seller. Originally slated for a black PVD case, the black dial and bare 316 Stainless create a wonderful contrast. Extreme water resistance is a core feature of any Padron watch, as I believe a watertight case protects the internals not just from water but from all elements. The Selby is resistant to 150 meters (500 foot ocean depth). Here it is being "tested" at Crash Boat Beach in Puerto Rico. The Padron Selby clear caseback, shown with the ETA 2824-2 Top Grade Automatic movement; an absolute dazzler. The Tessera X-Ray Edition is Padron's first skeletonized automatic watch. It borrows its chapter ring, case, and hands from the Selby. The Padron Selby disassabled. I hand build many of my watches here in Minneapolis.